Liquid Designs, LLC
Hydro-Dipping and Paint
800 W. 16th    Sedalia, Mo

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Liquid Designs, LLC is Mid-Missouri's premier Hydro-Dipping and Paint Headquarters.
Hydro-Dipping is the process of applying printed designs to any 3-D object.

What do people typically have dipped?
Motorcycles, Automobile accessories, ATV, Helmets and Riding Gear
Taxidermy, Bows, Marine (Boat and Jet Ski)
Garage/shop and Home Decor

What film patterns are available?
Camoflauge, Carbon Fiber, Wood Grain
Stone, Metal, Flames, Animal Prints, and  Designer
Many patterns are on our website but if you don't find exactly what you are looking for.. stop in our showroom to see more.

All custom jobs are performed on a quote basis. Contact us today for more information.

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